Baba Marda (aboriginal word for “water rock”) is an innovative Western Australian based, live coral and coral reef repair and construction development company.

Many of the world’s coral reefs are in peril. They face man-made and natural threats such as the use of destructive fishing methods including poisons and dynamite, habitat degradation, cyclones, coral bleaching, over exploitation of fish stocks, boat anchors, fertilisers and people – each wreaking havoc with these marine wonderlands.

Yet there is hope. A new initiative is producing live rock to revive these threatened ecosystems. Originally conceived as a venture to provide man-made live rock to the aquarium industry (and thus preventing the removal of natural live rock), the production of Live Rock is now providing new hope for coral reefs under threat.

Cultivated Baba Marda Abrolhos live rock can simply be placed into areas of unhealthy reef to help boost its ecosystem health. Depending on the impact to the reef, adding live rock can aid the restoration of habitat, thus attracting new growth and fish life.

Such is the potential that live rock can also be used to create new artificial reef systems such as man-made dive trails along the coast, with live rock the catalyst for the creation of a sustainable ecosystem for the public to enjoy.